Agworld's standardized database set us apart from the competition. Data standardization is absolutely critical to ensure that you are making decisions based on accurate, robust and reportable data. Manually recording product names and abbreviating Roundup PowerMax to "R'UP" in a paper diary is a thing of the past. 

We've developed and maintain multiple global databases of products, crops and operations for our users in each country we operate in. This means that whenever you're selecting a product, crop or operation in Agworld, it has been verified and linked to any relevant Product Safety information, active ingredients and more.

If a product you use or a crop you grow isn't in our database, it's simple to get it entered. 

To get the new item added, simply email with the required information.  (See below for the required info for each type of request.)

Required Information for Product additions:

  • Product Name

  • Active Ingredient(s)

  • Product Label

Required Information for Fertilizer additions: 

  • Name of the Fertilizer to add

  • Nutrient Analysis

  • Is it a liquid or solid? 

  • If liquid, specify the density

  • Supplier or Manufacturer (recommended)

Required Information for Crop / Seed Variety additions:

  • Name of the Seed Variety / Crop to add

  • An informational link about that seed or crop (optional)

  • Supplier or Manufacturer (recommended)

Required Information for Operation additions: 

  • Name of the Cost Operation you'd like to add

  • Brief explanation of that operation

We then verify the product before entering it into our database. We ensure the associated active ingredient calculations are correct, link any registered product information (SDS and Labels) and then update our database, so it's ready for you to assign to a job.

There is a very quick turnaround from our team receiving a request to it being ready to use in Agworld (typically 1-2 business days).

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