Plans created in Agworld can be utilised in a range of different ways. First and foremost, they are available on the website, iPad and iPhone apps in the form of a Jobs list. This is visible to the grower as soon as the season plan is set to Approved.

You can always change the plan back to Draft, if you need to make any changes or updates.

If you'd like a copy of the plan to print out or share via email, you can generate PDF reports from the Reporting tab on the website.

Reporting - Planning Reports

There are six planning reports available in Agworld. The reports include all planned expenses and income from your crop plans and create a detailed report on your operations, input requirements and seasonal forecast. You can report on your entire company season plan, or use the filters to choose a specific farm, field or crop. There are also Advanced Options to filter out more data, for example, if you want financials excluded from the report.

Planning Report Types:

Field Planning

The field planning report is the most comprehensive report. It contains all the information entered into planning and generates crop and farm summaries such as:

  • Gross margins for the company, farm, field and crop

  • Entire farm input summary

  • Crop, variety and area summary

  • Field rotation history

  • 1 full page for each field plan, including all costs, income and activities

Input Summary

The input summary report was created as an abridged planning report. It strips out all the financial information and operation inputs to create a shorter, simpler report. All fields with the same crop type will be in the same section and are colour coded by the crop type.

Planned Input Budget

Similar to the input summary report (above), the planned input budget report is a simplified planning report designed to give you a snapshot of what inputs you need for the season ahead, but with financial information displayed. This report enables you to prepay for the inputs you need for the season ahead and lock-in the best price with your suppliers.

Crop Planning

The crop planning report is similar in design and function to the Field Planning Report, but it is shorter in that all fields with the exact same plan are grouped onto one page. You have the ability to turn off information in the Advance Options such as the financials or gross margins. 

Crop Rotations Summary

The rotation summary report pulls all fields with a plan for the season and creates a short report on the rotation history for each season in Agworld. This includes a map and a single table of the rotation history for each field in a farm. 

Planned Financials

While financials are included in both the Field and Crop planning reports, you can also report solely on the planning income and expenses budgeted for your company in Agworld. This is found under Reporting > Planned Financials. You can filter by Farm, Field or Crop. This will report on income as the medium yield and medium price and all of your expenses added as planned activities for each field this season.

It will give you a month by month cost breakdown for each input, as well as a net and cumulative position at the bottom.

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