Crop templates are a combination of planned activities designed to contain all the information required to grow a particular crop. The crop template is best used as a generic template that can then be used for multiple clients/fields, cutting down the time required to create multiple crop plans.

Crop templates can be shared within a company

A crop template contains:

  • Basic Details (Crop, Variety, Use, Grade etc)

  • Income and Yield forecasts (Low, Med and High)

  • All activities required to grow a crop (e.g. spraying, fertilising, harvest etc)

  • All expected costs (Products, Seeds and Operations)

There are two ways to create a crop template

  1. Save an existing field plan as a template

  2. Create a template from scratch

How to save an existing field plan as a template

  1. In the planning screen, click on a field you have created a detailed crop plan for

  2. Towards the top right, click on Actions

  3. Choose the option Save as new crop template

  4. Give your template a name, and then save

  5. You can now choose to edit your template straight away, or cancel if you don't want to make any changes

Your new crop template will be an exact replica of the crop plan you chose. You can use it for any field, on any client account, as well as on the iPad.

Create a template from scratch

  1. From the Planning tab, select Crop Templates

  2. Click on New Template

  3. Name your template e.g. 2019 Barley (Malt)

  4. Click Edit in the top right to add the Crop, Variety, Use and additional information

  5. Click Add Activity to add in all of the activities for this crop

You can add in as many activities as you like. You can also utilise Activity Templates to speed up the process of creating these crop templates.

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