Activity templates are used to quickly create planned activities or other jobs in Agworld (Work Orders/Recommendations/Actuals). Activity templates allow you to pre-fill sections in activities, to make entering data quicker and easier. These sections include:

  • The activity name

  • The rough due date

  • Any product or seed rates or operation costs

  • Comments, application details and withholding periods

Having templates set up will save you time entering in common jobs, or jobs that you want copied across multiple fields. These could be sprays, fertiliser applications, operations and more.

You can create activity templates by: 

  1. Saving an existing activity as a template

  2. Creating them from scratch

To save an existing activity (recommendation/plan/work order/actual) as a template:

  • From either the Maps or the Jobs page, find the activity you want to save as a template

  • Click on the job and choose the option to View

  • Under the More button, choose Save as Template

  • Make any adjustments to the template

  • Click Save

To create an activity template from scratch: 

  • On the website, hover over Planning and choose Activity Templates

  • Click on New Template

  • Fill in the Basic Details, Inputs & Operations and any additional information

  • Click Save

Apply your templates

You can use your activity templates in Planning to quickly add activities into a field plan. You can also use them to create Recommendations, Work Orders or Actuals. In planning, you can add them to a field by:

  • Select the option "Templates" on the right hand side

  • Click on the template you want to add to a field

  • Click on the field

  • Click Finished

You can also apply the template to multiple fields by:

  • Select the option "Templates" on the right-hand side

  • Click on the template you want to add to a field

  • Clicking on the ALT key

  • Select all the fields you would like to apply the template to on the right-hand side

  • Click Finished

You can also use your templates to create other jobs on the iPad, iPhone and the website when you're creating a new job, just click on the Apply a Template option.

In our next planning article, we'll show you how to combine multiple activities into and entire crop template:

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