In Agworld planning, you utilise planned activities to enter in your expected chemical requirements, costs, nutrition and more. Planned activities can be added once you've assigned a crop and variety to each field.

You can start adding in activities by clicking the green Add Activity button. These activities are essentially a list of jobs and costs for the field in the season you're planning for. For example a common wheat crop plan may contain some sprays, a seeding job, fertiliser applications, a harvest activity and a overhead costs such as agronomy fees.

The timing of these jobs, the detail of the chemical or product applications can all be entered in your planned activities. We recommend including:

  • The name of the job

  • The rough due date (this is used to order the activities)

  • Any products, seeds or operations required

  • Additional information (water rate, set up etc)

  • Any critical comments

You can add is as many activities into a field plan as you need.

Once you've got a detailed plan for the field, it is simple to copy the whole plan, including all activities across to another field:

  • Click on the field you want to Copy

  • Choose "Copy Field Plan"

  • Click on the fields you want to apply the plan to

  • Confirm you want to copy the plan (or hold ALT to skip confirmation)

  • Click Finished

You can now edit jobs on a specific field if you want to alter any information for a field. For example a field may require a higher rate of fertiliser, you can click on the field, choose the activity you want to change and simply click Edit.

You can also copy field plans from one season to another. This is done through Templates > Field Plan:

In our next article, we take a step into creating templates to save your jobs so that you can re-apply the same activity to multiple fields, or in a Recommendation, Work Order or Actual:

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