Agworld's Planning tool can be used to create a quick rotation plan. You can create a complete rotation plan in a few minutes by easily copying field plans.

Both agronomists and farmers with planning subscriptions have access to these features. They can also collaborate on the same account, if for example the farmer wants to plan the rotation for the agronomist to then fill in the recommended inputs.

Here's how:

  1. On the website, click on Planning

  2. Hover your curser over one of your fields in the left hand column

  3. Click on the green + button to create a new plan

  4. Enter in your planned crop, variety and any additional use or grade information

  5. You can also enter in your planned yield and income

  6. Click save

You can now copy this field plan to other fields, or create more plans by choosing another field from the list.

This rotation plan is simply an assigned crop and variety of each field. If you'd like to fill in planned activities (sprays, fertiliser, costs etc), head to our next article:

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