Agworld's planning tools are available to Farmers and Agronomist with planning subscriptions*. Planning contains a suite of tools to help you understand your financials, forecast farm performance and get a detailed breakdown of required inputs, operations and nutrition.

Planning can be as simple as a rotation or as detailed as a large-scale enterprise plan complete with financials, nutrition, input requirements and more. Farmers and agronomists can both collaborate on the same platform, so you can get immediate feedback on the planning process. This process is also flexible and can be updated multiple times as plans or forecasts change.

Once you've created your plans in Agworld, they can be used throughout the season to schedule jobs, calculate product requirements and convert to Actual once the job is done. Plans can also be printed as a PDF in a range of reports or exported in .csv format through Custom Reporting.

To help you get started, we've broken each step in planning down into a separate Help article:

  1. Create a basic rotation plan

  2. Create a detailed field plan

  3. Create and use activity templates

  4. Create and use crop templates

  5. How to use your price list in planning

  6. Planning reports

You can also view this webinar that walks through how to create a crop production plan! 

*Planning subscriptions:

  • For farmers: Plus, Pro or Enterprise

  • For agronomists: Plus or Professional¬†

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