You can quickly and easily create and send your recommendations from the Agworld app. It's a completely paperless solution, and can be done offline. Recommendations need to be linked to fields in Agworld, so it's important to make sure you've got your clients' maps set up.

Here's how you can create your recommendations:

  1. Go to the Maps tab

  2. Tap on a field

  3. Select "Jobs" from the right hand menu

  4. Tap "Create New" and then tap "New Recommendation"

  5. Fill out all relevant information. We suggest you fill out the following:

  • The job's name (e.g. Knockdown Spray)

  • The recommended due date

  • Any fields included in this recommendation

  • Add any pests or problems (i.e. the reason for the job)

  • Add the products or seed and rates applied

  • Add in operations to record overhead costs

  • In application details, you can add additional setup information such as the water rate and tank size

  • Everything else can be added into the free text comments section or as a photo attachment

Once you've filled in all the information you need to record, click "Next"

On the iPad and iPhone you have the ability to review the job before submitting it to sync to the website.

If you'd like to submit the recommendation and email it straight to your client or a contractor, choose the option "Submit & Send". You can choose contacts in Agworld, or contacts on your iPad. You can select multiple recipients if you'd like to send the recommendation to multiple people. 

If you'd like to create a few recommendations, or don't want to send it just yet. Select "Submit".

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