Actuals in Agworld are records of completed jobs. They can be created on the website or the iPad and iPhone apps. There are currently two types of Actuals - General Activities or Harvest Activities.

In General Activities, you can record your applications or operations for each field. This includes products and seeds, rates and prices, operation costs, weather and safety information as well as any other critical comments/photos. Actuals can be used in place of a spray or fertiliser diary, so that you can record your farm operations directly into the app or website.

Harvest Activities are explained in another article, which you can read here

Here's how you can record your Actuals:

  1. Go to the Maps tab

  2. Tap on a field

  3. Select "Jobs" from the right hand menu

  4. Tap "Create New" and then tap "Actual"

  5. Fill out all relevant information on the job done. We recommend you fill out the following:

  • The job's name (e.g. Knockdown Spray)

  • The date and time the job was started and completed

  • Any fields included in this job

  • Add any pests or problems (i.e. the reason for the job)

  • Add the products or seed and rates applied

  • Add in operations to record overhead costs

  • In application details, you can add additional setup information

Once you've filled in all the information you need to record, click "Save"

On the iPad and iPhone you have the ability to review the job before submitting it to sync to the website.

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