In this article, we'll show you how to add crops to your fields from the Quick Farm Setup page on the Agworld website.  

There are a couple different ways to add crop and variety information to your Agworld fields.  If you're going to use the Planning tool this season, it would probably be better to add your crops under the Planning -> Farm Planning area. 

First, hover your mouse over the Maps tab at the top of the Agworld website and then from the menu that appears, select Quick Farm Setup

Scroll down to the Fields Section.  You'll see a list view of your fields from the Maps page here.

Next, simply click on the dropdown below "Crop" for the field you would like to add the crop for, and then type in the name of the crop to search our extensive crop list. Then, select the crop from the list below.  (See animation below)

Quick Tip: You can use your keyboard's Tab key to switch between the dropdowns for each field if you have many to add.

If you'd like to specify which Variety you are using, you can do that by following the same process to select the Crop.  

Quick Tip: you can type in the Variety name first if you'd like to same some time.

As soon as you click away from the dropdown, your changes will be saved!

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