Agworld recommends you add the barcode to your soil sample while in the field, after you have taken the sample. Barcodes are quicker and simpler for everyone involved and will reduce the risk of typo’s or transcription errors when recording the sample's location.

In addition, labs which scan barcodes as part of their sample receival process require the barcodes to be unique for every sample. Two sample bags arriving with "field1a” as a manually entered identifier is going to cause a problem when it comes to differentiating samples. 

In most cases labs will provide barcoded stickers and, if not, barcodes can be generated and printed onto address labels that can be attached to soil samples in the field, after you have taken the sample. These barcodes can be generated from a range of different programs. If you'd like assistance, contact Agworld Support and we can send you some unique barcodes which you can print and place on sample bags in the field, after you have taken a sample. 

With Agworld Sampling, Barcodes DO NOT need to be assigned ahead of time, simply take the sample, attach the barcode, scan the barcode and send it off.  We’ll look after the record keeping.

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