Using the Agworld Sampling App

The Agworld Sampling app is available for the iPad and is designed to make it as easy as possible for the sampler to get to the right spot in the paddock and take the sample. No in field recording or paperwork is required, just take the sample and scan the bag.

The Agworld Sampling app will work best on iPad which GPS and mobile/3g enabled hardware. If you have a WiFi only iPad, the App will still work, but you will have to set the collection point location manually while out in the field. 

Download the Sampling App

The Agworld Sampling App is available in the App store - just search for Agworld Sampling

When prompted, allow the app to access your location to enable location services. This will enable Agworld sampling to access your GPS hardware, making recording a sample’s location a lot easier.

Signing into the Agworld Sampling app

Sign in to the app using your existing Agworld username (email) and password.  If you cannot remember your password, go to the sign in page on the website and choose the “I can’t access my account option” and follow the prompts.

Viewing your jobs

Upon login, any jobs assigned to your company and are in the “Ready to Collect” status will be visible on the landing page. If you would like to see only the jobs assigned to you, tap the “all assigned users” at the bottom left of the screen and choose your name from the list.

If there are jobs that you think are missing please check the following:

  1. Ensure that the either yourself or the job creator has placed the job is in the “Ready to Collect” status

  2. The job is assigned to you or your company 

  3. You are logged into the correct account

  4. The todo tab on the bottom left is highlighted (not Done)

Getting to the Sample Site

Tap on the job you want to get to, then tap “Get directions to this job”.

As long as you have a 3G enabled iPad (no sim required) you’ll get turn-by-turn directions to guide you to the paddock.  Once at the paddock, follow the blue location dot to the exact sample location denoted by the white circle.

Taking the Soil Sample

Grab a soil sample container and hit the “Green Start Sampling” button on the top right of the page. Once you are in the vicinity of a sample location (denoted by a white circle), hit the green "Add" button. 

After you have taken the sample and placed the sample into a container or bag, attach the barcode to this container or bag.

The camera will automatically switch on and scan any barcode that enters its viewfinder. Once scanned, take the sample as per normal.

If there are multiple depths, you will need to repeat the scanning process for each depth.

Taking Additional Samples

You can take any number of additional samples.  You are not restricted in any way from taking as many samples, from any location within the boundaries of the paddock, just make sure that each sample has a unique barcode.

Submit and Sync the soil collection job

Once you have taken the required samples, tap the submit button to finalise the job and queue it to be sent to the lab.

Once you have mobile signal or are back in range, make sure to hit the sync button to send the job details to the lab.

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