The Agworld website is used to create soil collection jobs and to review soil sample results. The Agworld Sampling app is used by the soil collector to get to the soil sample location and take the sample out in the field. 

All the tools to create, managed and report on sample collection jobs can be found on the Agworld website by hovering over the workflow tab and choosing Sample Collection from the dropdown menu. Here's how:

Step 1: Creating Sample Jobs

  • Hover over the Workflow tab and choose Sample Collection from the dropdown menu

  • First select a client and then click the add new button to create a new soil collection job. Once you choose the season, you will be prompted to select the fields you want to sample.

Step 2: Assigning the Job

  • After you have selected the fields to be sampled, click next and select who is going to be taking the samples and what date they should be collected on. The job can be assigned to your company or the farm company if someone at the farm is going to be collecting the samples

  • As long as the soil collector has an Agworld account (free or paid) they can download the Agworld Sampling app and take the sample.

  • If you would like to assign jobs to a third party company, first give us a call and we’ll be able to help set up the right connections.

Step 3: Choosing Where to Sample

  • The fields that you selected will be listed just below the collector details section.

  • You can manually set the locations you would like sampled, leave it up to the sampler, or, if you have sampled this field previously, you can import the previous locations into this job.

  • The points you set will be visible to the sampler on their iPad when they are collecting the sample.

Step 4: Adding Testing Details

  • Choose your lab from the dropdown list. If your lab isn't there, select the option "My lab is not available. I will manually upload lab results."

  • After selecting a lab, you can add multiple sample depths and test suites as well as comments that will be visible to the sampler on their iPad. If the lab is listed, all the information the lab needs to complete the analysis will be automatically sent to the lab as soon as the collection job is completed.

  • If the lab you intend to use is not yet listed, you can choose the “My lab is not available option”.  This option allows you to use the entire sampling workflow, including taking the samples using the Agworld app, but requires that you forward the sample information to the lab yourself and manually upload the results you receive back from the lab (usually provided in excel format).  Once the sample has been taken and submitted, all you need to do is forward the email we send you to the lab and let them know what tests you want. While in the field, take the soil sample, place it in the bag or container, then add the barcode to it. 

Step 5: Set the Job Status

  • The last thing you need to do is to send the job to the sampler’s iPad.

  • Select the jobs you'd like to send to the Sampling App and then under the Bulk Actions button, choose "Set as ready for collection"

Once the samples have been taken out in the field, the job’s status will change to submitted to lab. When the results are received, the status will change to “lab analysis complete” and you will be notified by email. 

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