Agworld Sampling simplifies your company’s sampling workflow by integrating the job creation, soil collection, lab submission and results into one easy to use platform. Our completely paperless solution means that sample results are delivered directly into your Agworld account in the most efficient way possible.

Create your sampling jobs in minutes

You can quickly create sampling jobs on the Agworld website which can be assigned to anyone in your business, third party collectors or even someone on the farm. The assigned sampler will get all the information they need to get to the exact spots you want the samples to be taken.

Sync. Sample. Send!

Armed with the easy to use Agworld Sampling app the assigned sampler will be guided to the sample site to collect the samples, attach the barcode to the samples, and submit them to the lab without the need for any additional records or paperwork. Our sampling app makes the chore of collecting soil samples as simple as possible while significantly reducing the potential for sample errors or mix-ups.

Lab integration equals a seamless solution

Agworld’s integration with your soil testing lab means that as soon as a sample job is submitted, the lab is automatically provided with everything they need to know about the samples. Once the samples are analysed, the results will be delivered directly back into your Agworld account and we’ll send you an email to let you know they’re waiting for you.

Sampling the same location next year?

Agworld remembers your sample locations for all of your clients which means you always know the sample coordinates so it's easy to ensure you're on top of the correct locations.

The Sampling Workflow simplified:

  1. Create the sample job on the website and set it as ready to collect

  2. Sync your Sampling app, and take a sample at each location

  3. After you have taken your sample, attach the barcode to your sample 

  4. Scan the barcode on your bag and put your sample into the app

  5. Send it to your sampling lab

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