A logo and disclaimer can be uploaded to your Company in Agworld. These will appear on all of your jobs (recommendations/actuals etc) and on the reports you run in Agworld. Your branding will be automatically applied to your employees' accounts.

From the Agworld website:

  • Click on your company name in the top right of the screen to get to your Company Settings. Then, choose "Logo and Design" 

  • Under Branding, Company Logo click on "Choose file"

  • Select the image file (.jpg, .png etc) and click Open

  • Click the green "Upload New Logo" button to save it to Agworld

Recommendation Liability Disclaimer:
The Agworld default disclaimer is automatically added to the PDF version of your recommendations when sent to your clients. You can choose to use your default disclaimer, your own text, or disable it.

Further customisations are also available in Activity Summary and Report Customisations, however your Company Logo will already be on these by default.

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