Shapefiles (.shp, .shx, .prj & .dbf) and KML files (.kml) can be imported into the Agworld system from your Agworld web account. You can import field boundaries when you're first creating an account, or you can import at any time to update your field boundaries and areas.

Here's how:

  • From the map page, click the 3 dots in Company Actions > Import Shapefiles / Import KML

  • From the Import Data page, select the Import button then Import Shapefile/KML Data.

  • If you are an Agronomist or Corporate Farmer, select the company that you are importing the data for from the drop down menu.

  • Next, select Choose File and add the relevant file type to upload. (If you are importing shapefile data, you need all four file types to import (shp, shx, prj and dbf)

  • Select Next

  • Now you will need to match a sample of your data to sections in Agworld: find the columns in your data for your Farm Name, Field Name and Area and match them to the boxes below.

  • Select Next

(If you leave these fields blank, you can name your farm and fields during the Import, or Agworld will name the fields and automatically calculate the area based on the field size)

Review and configure import:
For each row of your data, you can choose:

  • Whether or not to import the row

  • Which Farm to assign the field to (either create a new Farm, or assign to an existing one)

  • The Farm name

  • Whether to create a New Field, or override an existing field boundary/area

  • Adjust the area, if need be

Once you're happy with the configuration, click Import checked items

These fields will now be on Agworld!


  • This process cannot be easily reversed, if you're unsure please contact Agworld Support

  • Agworld can only import simple Field Boundaries to the Maps page (no layers/powerlines etc.), please ensure your files only contain boundary polygons

  • If your field contains two shapes, you can import both and assign them both to one field

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