Pins help you keep track of specific locations and mark areas of significance. Pins come with a variety of features that allow you to customize how you are tracking information. This includes:

The livestock pins for example allow you to mark your sheep or cattle herds in a field on your farm map and add herd-specific information in the notes attached to this pin. You can even use the custom color functionality to mark the ear tag color for example. Apart from just marking where your herd is, you are also able to create location pins for water sources, water tanks, troughs and other livestock specific infrastructure.

Anyone who is connected to your Agworld account will have instant visibility on where the pin is located and can add notes to the pin so everyone is on the same page.

How to drop a pin on the website:

  • Go to the Maps page, and change from the Field menu to the Pins menu

  • Click on Create a New Pin

  • Click anywhere on the map

  • Enter a name, select the category, and choose a color

  • Click Save

How to drop a pin on the iPad:

  • Go to the Maps tab

  • Tap and hold down your finger anywhere on the map where you'd like to place the pin

  • Name the pin, select the pin category, and choose a color.

  • Tap Done

Below are additional articles on pins in Agworld:

Holding down on the maps screen to drop a pin but it's saying current location instead? Your location services are currently active. If you open the Field/Pin list on the left of the maps page, tap on the Pins tab you'll be able to create new pins using your current GPS location.

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