Want to have a thorough understanding of how a field is performing, both agronomically and financially, to make vital decisions without having to first wade through all your reports? 

Field Snapshot provides you an in-depth view of vital agronomic and financial information at the field level. You can quickly see your applied and planned NPKS, applied herbicide groups, current withholding periods, recorded rainfall, cost to date for seed, fertiliser, pesticides, operations, gross margin and field rotation information. Now you’ll know exactly how much you're spending on your inputs and operations or how much fertiliser you’ve applied to a field without having to do more than tap a screen.

How to view your field Snapshot:

  1. Open up Agworld for iPad or iPhone and go to the Maps tab

  2. Tap on a field

  3. Tap on “Snapshot” at the bottom of the field menu

  4. Tap “Agronomic” or “Financials” to see the related information

From the Snapshot tool you’ll also be able to record your farm's rainfall, harvested yield and edit the field boundary.

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