Do you need to know how much you’re planning to spend or have spent across your entire farm but don’t have the time to collate all your farm records and create multiple reports? Or wanted everyone to see current withholding periods from a farm map?

Field Insights provide additional layers of agronomic and field performance information to your farm map. See each field’s yield data, total cost to date, the number of jobs due for the week and your planned or actual gross margins without ever leaving the maps page.

Using Field Insights is easy:

  1. Open up Agworld for iPad or iPhone and go to the Maps tab

  2. Tap on the Insights icon in the top right hand corner

  3. Tap on the information you’d like to see

To turn off Field Insights simply tap on Field Insights and tap “Turn off Field Insights”

(Note: Field insights are only available on the iPad and iPhone apps)

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