With Agworld Harvest Activities, you are able to:

  • record more than one harvest per field
  • record operational costs and harvest income in the same job
  • record storage destinations and grain grade
  • record harvest for multiple fields in one activity (e.g. each load)
  • quickly record historic yield to build a picture of trends over time

The easiest way to record harvest is through your iPad maps page:

  1. Tap on a field you'd like to record a harvest for
  2. Tap create a new job, choose actual and the tap the option ‘Harvest Activity’
  3. Fill in the actual with the details of your harvest:
  4. Name the job (i.e. Wheat Mace Harvest),
  5. Assign a date and time,
  6. Select the field(s) harvested and then move down to harvest details
  7. In harvest details you can record the total harvest weight removed from the field(s) in this activity.
  8. This could be a total for multiple fields, or a total for a single load, the activities are adaptable to how you'd prefer to record harvest
  9. In operations, add in a Harvest operation to record the area harvested and the cost/ha for your harvest
  10. You can use the additional fields to record more detailed information: for example you could use tags to record the load ticket number for each actual
  11. Once completed, click next, review the actual and then tap submit
  12. You can always come back to updating pricing and other details

Recording harvest in Agworld will give you immediate insight into the performance of each field. You can even get instant field gross margin calculations and yield comparisons.

So, why record your harvest in Agworld? Your harvest information is even more valuable to you when it can be easily combined with your other Agworld information. It also means that we can immediately deliver more meaningful insights without the need to spend too much time crunching the numbers. Agworld’s Field insight’s feature together with our Farm Performance reports will give you the full picture of the season’s performance whether you’re in the field or back in the office.

Update your apps now to get access to the improved harvest feature and start getting the full picture of the farm’s performance.

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