AgPlugins is an inventory plugin to Agworld. It works using your Agworld Actuals to keep track of the products you're using and how much is left in storage. There are also additional inventory tools for other products, seeds and items.

There are only a few steps to get it working:

  • Create an AgPlugins account and link it to your Agworld account through your unique API key
  • Create a storage (e.g. Chemical Shed) and enter in the inventory you have on hand in the shed, right now
  • Continue to use Agworld normally - the Actuals you create will be automatically deducted from your inventory
  • When you receive a new delivery of inventory, simply enter it in to your Storage in AgPlugins

If you’re interested, you can register an AgPlugins account through the button below. You will need to send us a message so that we can create an API key to help you setup the integration. Once you're in, check out the AgPlugins help centre for frequently asked questions, and direct any questions or feedback to the messaging bubble within AgPlugins.

(Note: AgPlugins offers a 14 day free trial. AgPlugins is a third party application and as such there is a subscription fee. This is not included in your Agworld subscription)

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