(Note: This article only relates to Australian users)

Agworld has made benchmarking your rainfall with your local weather stations and your neighbours easy with our rainfall sharing feature. Simply opt-in to sharing your rainfall by swiping "Share your readings" in the rainfall tab. Once you're sharing, you'll be able to tap on a pin on the map or select a location to review that location's rainfall readings.Β 

Pins and locations are colour coded:

  • Blue signifies your properties

  • Green signifies BOM's rainfall records

  • Teal signifies your neighbours' rainfall readings

  • Grey signifies a property which hasn't yet opted-in to sharing their rainfall records

How to opt-in to rainfall sharing:

  1. Select "Rainfall" from the Agworld menu

  2. Select a property

  3. Swipe "Share your readings" to the right

You can opt-out of sharing your rainfall at any time. However, if you do opt-out you'll no longer be able to review the rainfall records around you, including BOM's. Here's how:

  1. Select "Rainfall" from the Agworld menu

  2. Select a property

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the menu

  4. Swipe "Share your readings" to the left

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