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Recording Rainfall (AU Growers only 🇦🇺)
Recording Rainfall (AU Growers only 🇦🇺)

How to record your rainfall on the Agworld iOS apps

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You can record your rainfall in Agworld on the Agworld iPad and iPhone apps. Your properties are your default 'rain gauges' and need to be created before you can record rainfall. The rainfall will be automatically recorded against each field in that farm.

Recording your rainfall can be done in one of two ways: 

From the Rainfall Tab:

  1. From the Agworld menu tap “Rainfall”.

  2. Select a farm.

  3. Tap “+ New Reading”.

  4. Input your rainfall and click “Save”.

From the Map Tab:

  1. From the Agworld menu tap “Map”.

  2. Tap on a field.

  3. From the righthand menu tap “Snapshot” .

  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the menu and tap “Rainfall”

  5. Tap “+ New Reading”.

  6. Input your rainfall and click “Save”

Rainfall will be graphed and can be viewed on each field by navigating to the field snapshot. Rainfall can also be reported on and exported to .csv from Custom Reports on the website.


By default, there is only one rain gauge available to be recorded per farm. If you have more than one rain gauge on the farm, you can create additional farms from the maps page (these do not need to have any fields attached to them)

While rainfall can be viewed on the Agworld website via field snapshots and custom reports, there is no rainfall recording feature available on the website yet

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