(Note: Only Company Administrators have the ability to create new User accounts)

Agworld's design allows you to connect your team up to one platform to view all of your farm data in real time. If you've got an Agworld account and would like more people to be able to log in to view your farm information, you can add them as a User into your company. You can add more users to your company until you have reached the user limit depending on your subscription tier.

Each User will be able to log in to one iPad, one iPhone and the Agworld website on any computer. You as the administrator of the company can choose what level of access to your data you would like them to have (e.g. no financial view, or no planning access).

To create a new User:

  • From the Agworld website, Navigate to your Company Settings > Users & Employees  // This can also be done from the maps page by clicking the three dots to the right of the company name.

  • Click on Add New User

  • Enter their name and email address

  • You may choose to purchase a subscription, or leave the box blank

  • The new User will receive an activation email to create a password and log in to their account

  • They will be able to log in to the iPad, iPhone and website with their new email and password

  • You can also set their permissions. Learn more here

Note: Sync times on the iPhone/iPad are longer for your first log in. Please leave the app open and use a reliable internet source for your first log in. Sync errors occasionally occur when you're first logging in. Try re-syncing once or twice before contacting Agworld support.

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