Congratulations on getting an Agworld account!  

There are multiple ways to activate your Agworld account:

  1. If you have not yet purchased an account, from the main Agworld login page click "New to Agworld? Try it for Free"

2. If you have purchased an Agworld account, you should have received a password reset email to activate your account. You can also set your password by clicking the "Don't remember your password?" link on the login page. Read more here.

3. Agronomists can invite growers to Agworld by clicking the green invite button on the Agworld website. If you're a grower who has an existing Agworld account through an agronomist, you can ask your agronomist to send an invite

4. If you have received a recommendation from an Agronomist using Agworld you can click the "Access my account" button to connect to the existing Agworld company and continue collaborating on the same dataset. This will send you an email if your email address is recognised, otherwise your agronomist will verify whether it's okay to add you to the account.

You can use this email and password to log in to the Agworld website on any computer, as well as one iPhone and one iPad (search "Agworld" in the App Store)

Note: Don't forget to install Google Chrome!  Agworld works best in the Chrome browser.

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