In Agworld, users can create connections to growers through a simple process.  

First, login to Agworld on the Website and go to the Maps|Farm Maps.  

  • Select the link: Add new client.

  • In the client search field, start typing the client’s name or email address.

  • When the desired client is displayed, click the Get Connected button.

In the following window, select the roles you will need with this new client.  

As an Agronomist, select the roles of: 

  • Agronomist, Farm Planner and Financial Editor

(Ad Hoc Agronomist is only necessary when requesting a connection to a grower who is currently working with a competing company. For additional questions please contact Agworld support.) 

When done click, send and return to maps or send and add another client.


  • If someone in your company group is already connected to this client, your request will be automatically granted. 

  • If the grower has logged in to Agworld, they will be able to accept this connection request.

  • If the grower has never logged in to Agworld, this request will be send to the agronomist who set the client up (the user who holds External Admin)

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