First, login to the Agworld website from a desktop or laptop computer.

Next, hover your mouse over the Maps tab from the menu at the top of the webpage, then select Farm Maps from the menu that appears. 

Now, simply click on the field that you would like to record the harvest data on.  From the menu that appears on the right, click on the Create button, and then select New Actual

Now you'll be greeted by the Activity Creation form.  

Select the Harvest tab at the top of the left hand panel. and begin filling out the Actual.  

Fill in the:

  • Title 
  • Completed Time
  • Any other details you would like to specify

Next, Select the Locations of the harvest information.  If you would like to add additional fields to this Harvest Actual, click on the + Add Location button.  

Note: If multiple locations are selected, they must have the same crop and the yield will be averaged across those selected locations.

Then, Select any Operations (cost activities like baling, combining, picking, etc.) that should be included with this Harvest actual (optional).  For example, you can add an Operation called "Harvest potatoes" and record that it cost you $68 per acre to do that. 

Now, click on Harvest Details for this actual. 

Enter in the Harvested Weight, Price per Unit (optional),  Grade (if applicable), and Destination (optional).  
Note: You can add destination locations on this page, and they will be selectable thereafter.  

Now, on the left hand side, select Assign.

In this section you can specify who harvested these fields and what asset(s) (equipment) used to do the harvesting (optional). 

Then, select Comments.  Here you'll find a free form text space to write any notes you would like about the harvesting activity (also optional).

Once you've done all that, then click Save, and you are done! 

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