Seasons in Agworld group your agronomic and financial data for recording your jobs and reporting on your plans and farm performance. You can create seasons for the calendar year, winter/summer or any date range that suits your operation. 

First, login to the Agworld website from a desktop or laptop computer.
(Note: New Seasons can only be created from the Agworld website.)

Next, If you are an Agronomist or Contractor user, select the client you would like to create the new season for from your Client Selector drop down toward the upper right of the screen. If you are a Farmer user, you should see your Season Selector right away toward the upper right of the webpage.

Then no matter which user type you are, to create the new season, simply click on the + button.

(if you don't have a plus button, you may not have permissions on your account to add seasons.  Contact Agworld Support to assist you)

Now, you'll be greeted by the new season creation window.  

Put in the name for your season (e.g. 2021), select the From and To date range for your season (use crop year or calendar year dates).   

Then, select which season you'd like to copy your field boundaries from and if you'd like to copy the all the crops from a previous season or not.

Once you've done all that, then select Save and you're all done!  The new season will then be created. 

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